Calibra Isostatic Mould

Gape Due S.p.A. is constantly in touch with the tiles market in order to reach and satisfy his needs starting by our quality and service standard.
Our experience across forty years in the field let us realizing this new kind of pressing made with CALIBRA GAPE DUE COMPENSATOR.
Thanks to the use of this mold it can be reached many advantages like for example monocaliber tiles. This pressing technology allows to optimize stocks and to produce different kinds of monocaliber tiles structured surface. 
•Pressing density optimized in each die
•Consequent press and isostatic punches stress reduction, which reduce maintenance costs reduction
•Equivalent pressing uniformity on each die
•No upper punches and  relative relay placement downtime
•Back-face punches’ set-up time reduced thanks to the absence of pipeline, providing breakdown costs reduction with subsequent productivity improvement.
•Continuous control of the system oil pressure, thanks to the hydraulic system which allows production stability.
•Possibility to change tiles thickness directly from the dies, modify superior dies position with subsequent optimization of good-side punches and plates’ lifetime, with related maintenance and regeneration costs reduction.