Interchangeable Liners

This type of liners is applicable to all types of arrays - entering punches, mirror, lower dies of transfer moulds.

The peculiarity of these plates consist in being able to be replaced directly under the press witho ut the needs to disassemble the mold.

This allows us the  replacement in case of wear or breakage, but also to change the characteristics of the finished product:

  • Variation in thickness
  • Change in surface within a range of 20mm
  • Several geometries from sharp edges, rounded edges.
The interchangeable re-generable liners are made from design, up to the final product, using the best technologies and materials, ensuring a long service life and fast and reliable regeneration.



• Interchangeable Liners


• Interchangeable Liners


• Entry die set 5u 35x35 matrix with interchangeable plates