Good Face Punch


Good face punch

Gape Due S.p.A. produces steel punches with long service life thanks to the special welding, made with special wear-resistant wires.

Our punches can be covered with artificial resin or nonstick rubber of different kind of hardness, or just be made with  heat-treated steel punches.

We produce two kinds of punches: renewable or disposable in the case which is mandatory to reduce his weight in order to save on the shipment costs.



Good face punches with extra thin resin coating

-Vulcanized with a very low layer of resin on previously rectified and polished steel surface, so to obtain a "mirror" effect.
- Provide tiles with smooth and slightly shiny surface, and can in many cases replace the punches made ofpolished steel, reducing costs and eliminating the use of the brush
- Suitable for the production of porcelain glazed tiles and unglazed tiles
- Smoothly machined edges for perfect tile sides
- Long service life thanks to the special the special welding, made with special wear-resistant wires
- Available in all sizes and shapes requested by the tile ceramic market




• Good face 3D Punch

This kind of punch has a 3D perimeter profile. It is made with a CNC grinder by using a software which reproduce the vulcanizing matrix good face, making a perfect matching.

• Burnished good face punch

Gape Due S.p.A. makes punches with chromed surface, made by tempered steel with strong antiwear characteristics.

They are suited to produce tiles with top surface quality, as technical unglazed gres porcelain tiles.

The burnishing operation let these punches produce the good face surface comparable to them made by chromed punches.