Entry Moulds

Entry mould 25x56 / 6 cavity equipped for press with fast mould changing device
Gape Due S.p.A. offers a wide range of last generation entry moulds and reverse entry moulds, for tile forming good face down and up, able to satisfy the most demanding requirements of the ceramic market as for to quality, durability and speed of replacement.
  • Suitable for all types of presses
  • Specially designed to reduce the extraction run of the tiles and optimize the production output
  • Available with protective devices for the tile good side, so to prevent damage due to friction on cavity frame during the extraction phase 
  • Can be equipped with removable cavity plate, for faster replacement
  • Deliverable with “LD” liners in carbide, for extra-long working life
  • Available upon request with wear-resistant plates, to reduce the frequency of surface grinding on cavity frame, due to friction of powder feeder
  • Can be installed together with the CALIBRA upper isostatic plate, for optimizing the tile caliber