Smart Mould

Gape Due introduces Smart Mould

Gape Due S.p.A, leader in the field of ceramic moulds, has created an innovative product, called Smart Mould, in order to support the technological and digital evolution of ceramic companies.

Smart Mould is equipped with advanced sensors and continuously monitors the production cycle, detecting its operating parameters.  Data are displayed and processed by an industrial PC with a simple, user-friendly interface, which represents for the machine operator an effective and immediate tool to monitor the production process; the operator is alerted to any possible malfunctioning before this can negatively affect the pressing result on the ceramic product. The costs borne by the customer companies due to failures and breakage of the machines are thus reduced.

The operating parameters are remote-transmitted to a managing Web application which enables the customer to manage the traceability and “life cycle” of the moulds and punches, optimising recondition and purchase processes.