SENTINEL is a device designed and built by Gape Due for the purpose keeping the pressurization of isostatic punches used for the production of ceramic tiles constant and under control, by automatically topping up the oil contained in the punches themselves.


The SENTINEL consists of an electrical panel containing the digital manometer and various control devices, a hydraulic block equipped with suitable directional and flow valves, as well as of intake and outlet fittings for the hydraulic circuit of the isostatic punches.

The SENTINEL device performs the following functions:

•Maintains the filling pressure within the isostatic punches constant
•Reports the breakage of the isostatic punch rubber coating, or of connection hoses, automatically blocking the press
•Restores any minor losses of the isostatic punch circuit, including hoses and quick couplings, using fluid from a connected preloaded reservoir
•Allows to vary the filling pressure of the isostatic punches in function of the type of punch used and the needs of the pressed product
•Helps to improve the ceramic tiles gauge by means of suitable variation of the punch pressure

The VIP version is additionally equipped with an automatic emptying system to eliminate air from the hydraulic circuit of the isostatic punches, without having to disassemble them from the press or disconnect them from their hoses.


SENTINEL G.T.S. is a portable device , devised and constructed from GAPE DUE, equipped with punch inflation and deflation system, for pressure filling of isostatic punches to be used in ceramics tile production.
GTS is operated by means of compressed air and does not require any electrical power. This makes the device GTS very useful for the maintenance of isostatic punches in every location of a ceramic tile factory, even when punches are still assembled on the press.

SENTINEL M.T.M. is a device of small dimensions designed by GAPE DUE for the single measurement of the filling pressure of the isostatic punches and for the eventual press stop function. It is equipped with alarm siren and visual alarm. M.T.M. is available on request in special versions for the control one by one of the isostatic punches present in the same mould.