Electromagnetic and Permanent Magnet Plates

• The main features of the  GAPE DUE electromagnetic plates are the following;

Resistance to compression: from 60 to 90
kg/sq mm on request.



Heating supply voltage: 42 or 50 VAC.

Electromagnetism on request: 24 to 48 VDC.


Press  powder feed system by means of a new device that eliminates maintenance and speeds up size change.

The main features of this electropermanent product ensure total fastening safety because the magnetic circuit only requires a short current pulse during magnetisation and demagnetisation. This enables the system to operate without any electricity at all and so the magnetic fastening IS NOT AFFECTED BY ANY INTERRUPTION OF THE SUPPLY CIRCUIT.

The use of the electropermanent plate makes die set changing operations easier and further helps cut down times thanks to the total absence of residual magnetism.

Finally, the complete absence of power supply during normal operation also ensures a major reduction in the consumption of electricity.