Moulds with Removable Cavity Plate

This innovative constructive concept of Gape Due S.p.A. allows the replacement of the upper or lower cavity frame of SMF moulds directly on the press, without having to disassemble the mold from the press.
Highlights of Moulds with removable cavity plate:
  • It makes possible to quickly replace liners in case of wear or breakage;
  • On SMF moulds, it makes possible to vary the tile thick ness without replacement of the stroke adjusting screws in the extractor cylinders;
  • Modification of cavity dimensions within a range of 20 mm;
  • Change of cavity geometry from 90 °corners to rounded corners; from straight edges to wavy or irregular edges;
  • Use as "Multiformat" in order to optimize the use of the park moulds, while minimizing investment.
Detail of lower SMF mould with removable cavity plate
Upper SMF mould with removable cavity plate in fixed position.
Upper SMF mould with removable cavity plate in extraction phase.