LD Long-Life Liners


“LD” Long-life liners for transfer mould

LD” Long-life liners for entry mould

Long-life liners "LD"
- Liners equipped with special carbide inserts, with very high wear resistance
- The carbide inserts applied in the tile forming area allow to achieve exceptional service life of the liners, amounting to millions of cycles
- The extreme surface cohesion of the carbide prevents the ceramic powder from sticking on the liners, and allows the pressing of tiles with edges defined and perfectly clean, without any defect, due to dirtying of the traditional liners.
- Reducing the number of mold changes on the press to replace worn out liners; reduction of financial costs for liners stocking.
- High first choice output by not-to be-rectified- tiles, with consequent economic advantages.
Particularly suitable for use as "interchangeable
liners" on adequate cavity frames. The durability
and ease of installation make their use
highly advantageous for oversea tile factories
without experienced die shop nearby.

Liners row material      

- Steel X200CR12


- Carbide steel

Hardness liners

- 60 - 63 HRC

Hardness Inserts

- 1620/HV 30