• die set 4 outputs (30x30) wave with "HOVERCRAFT" system


Gape Due S.p.A., leader in pressing technologies for the ceramic industry, as a demonstration of its strong commitment towards finding cutting-edge technological solutions, in September 1996 presented a system for upgrading the quality of the pressed system.

This PATENTED system is called Hovercraft. Its operating principle is based on the fitting of one or more plates in the matrix table, featuring a series of small holes, through which passes a large quantity of compressed air (regulated through a pressure exchanger and timer) at a speed of a few metres/second.

Once, it has passed through the holes, the air collides against the lower surface of the tiles (visible surface) and immediately loses its speed to the advantage of an increase in pressure such as to sustain the tile up in the air.

This way, direct contact is avoided as is rubbing against the matrix table during transit towards the transfer lines.

The advantage deriving from the lack of contact between the matrix and the tile is the total absence of scratching or chipping on the good face of the product with consequent reduction in the number of rejects or second choice items.

Hovercraft Gape Due can be fitted to any ceramic shape and is ideal for the manufacture of porcelain stoneware and floors and walls covered with single-fired tiles with smooth surface.