A competent service worldwide

Gape Due S.p.A. invests considerable resources in research for new technological and applicative solutions.
Gape Due S.p.A. has obtained many world patents for its productions and among these the Hovercraft patent
deserves special mention as a source of pride for the company.


Quality and service for the ceramics industry

From its beginnings as an artisan’s workshop to its present-day completely computerized automation.
Gape Due S.p.A. has made research its main mission.
The primary benefits of Gape Due S.p.A. products may be summed up as follows:

  • Top product quality.
  • Fast delivery.
  • Personalized consulting and services.
  • Experience ina all pressing problems.
  • Gigh production flexibility.
  • Constant technological updating.

The reliability of Gape Due S.p.A. dies means that less. Maintenance is required and a as result there is a decidedly cost-effective unit cost for every beat of press.


Gape Due S.p.A. Die resstoring

One of the most important services of Gape Due S.p.A. is restoring used dies and punches which thus increases production capacity and effeciency while limiting cost.
To restore dies and punches, Gape Due S.p.A. uses numerical control machines and highly skilled personnel whhich reduces operation time considerably.
In addition, to ensure customers the certainty of a valid reconditioned material, restored dies and punches follow the same quality control criterion of new materials.
In this way, Gape Due S.p.A. ensures once again a long service life for its products.


Constant research

Gape Due S.p.A. considers global quality and customer service the keystones of its company philosophy.
The catalogue offered is a large one. Organized for every pressing requirement.
Gape Due S.p.A. designs and manufactures the following types of products marketing them worldwide eith a widespread, comptent sales network.

  • Dies wth retractile punches
  • Mirror and overturned mirror dies
  • Forming dies with mirror and spacer (twin set and S.M.F.)
  • Dies for horizontal pressing.
  • Components and spare parts (punches, plates, magnetic plates, control panels, etc.).
  • Complete overhaul of dies, punches and miscellaneous components.
  • Complete overhaul of S.M.U. device.
  • Machines and components for the ceramics industry.
  • Isostatic punches.